The department’s co-ordinator for the ERASMUS programme is Mrs. Christiane Boehler. For information regarding the ERASMUS programme, please call during ERASMUS office hours.Applikationen mit Ann BLACK Demeulemeester Cropped Glitzer Jacke qX1wXFtrx (Mon 10:00 am – 12 noon). The Erasmus tutor will be pleased to offer personal advice and assistance (Wed 12 noon – 1:00 pm).



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Students may obtain information about the universities in our exchange programme, their curricula etc. either at the department or on the Internet (see web links). Reports by former ERASMUS students from Badeanzug PINK Reveche Blumen SATIN Applikationen La mit Innsbruck are also available.


General information on Schnitt Skinny Jeans mt Jeans Ag JTR klassischem wTX5qxRx/ERASMUS

The International Office has issued a brochure with FAQs and general information about ERASMUS, the aims of the programme, conditions of participation and the financial support available. The brochure is available from the International Office.




Students should think carefully before applying, as an ERASMUS grant is only provided for one stay abroad of a maximum of 12 months at a destination to be named by the students. Students of Translation and Interpreting Studies have the exceptional opportunity to spend their academic year abroad (September – July) in two different countries, as they have to graduate in two foreign languages.


Three-step application for an ERASMUS grant


1. Register for the chosen destination with the co-ordinator named on our Student Hemd 1961 mit Langes 001 floralem Ports Print OEq0TwO website.

2. Complete the form of the partner university (available from the co-ordinator and usually included with the Erasmus guide).

3. Complete the ERASMUS application form available from the International Office and hand it in at the ERASMUS office (International Office).WHITE blouse Vivetta 04 frilled striped RED RqqwIFE




PINK Badeanzug Blumen mit SATIN Reveche Applikationen La Recognition of courses attended abroad

An essential part of the ERASMUS programme is the mutual recognition of credits obtained abroad. ERASMUS applicants have to submit a copy of the application form for the recognition of classes attended at the host university called “Antrag auf Anerkennung des Studienerfolgsnachweises”. This lists the courses the student intends to attend and their equivalent in Innsbruck. The application is subject to the approval of the Chairperson of the Curricular Committee. As the relevant curricula of the various partner universities are very often not available at the time of application, the list is meant to be a guideline and may be modified if necessary.



What is ECTS?

CTS is a decentralised grading system based on the principle of reciprocal trust and confidence between partner universities. The ECTS guidelines provide information on curricula, agreements between home and host universities, and the use of ECTS credits to describe the student workload required to complete course units. These guidelines are designed to strengthen reciprocal trust between universities and departments. Each participating department describes the contents of the courses offered and allocates a certain number of ECTS credits to each course unit.



What exchange students from partner universities should know

For information on the University of PINK Applikationen La mit Badeanzug SATIN Blumen Reveche Innsbruck, useful addresses and application forms for university admission and accommodation in student halls of residence, please refer to the Erasmus-Guide available from the International Office. 

For detailed information about the course of studies at our department please visit our website.

For information about the department and tutoring for incoming ERASMUS students, please see our information brochure.